This charismatic singer has a voice full of character. Her stage appearances are spellbinding as she fluidly combines words, music and movement in a sensitive manner to create, in her own way, a unique theatrical song. That is why she is called 'the black butterfly of Czech cabaret singers".

After graduating from Prague's DAMU and seven years on Polish stages, she can now be seen in various concert appearances as well as in the role of Marlene Dietrich in Prague's, Pod Palmovkou Theatre's production of 'Edith and Marlene'.

Renata Drossler not only gives concerts in the Czech Republic but also appears abroad (accompanied by her acoustic group PRS). She has already appeared before audiences in Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia, in India, Germany, and also Austria and Spain. Her recitals are full of songs which she sings in Polish, Russian, English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Latin, Yiddish, Hebrew and Gypsy.

She also devotes time to some captivating inter-active performances for children. (The Mrs. Lary Show.)


Recital/Varieties,Technical conditions
Five musicians(piano,keyboard,acoustic guitar,electric guitar,saxofon,clarinet,accordeon,perkuse? )
The number of musicians is variable.

Arrangement/ Combination
Renata + piano
R+ accompanied by Duo (piano,guitar) etc.
R+ accompanied by Trio (piano…)

Duration of the complete recital
-aprx. 70 minutes / -break / interval according to the organizer

Sound and light equipment
-according to agreement

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